Dedicated Servers in Call of Duty: Black Ops? You Betcha



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 Ok so Call of Duty 1 was created by Infinity Ward. The engine that they used was terrific and all that and followed that up with Call of Duty 2. Then TreyArch made Call of Duy 2: The Big Red one with the adaption of the first Call of Duty 2 am I correct? So technically they based it off from Infinity Ward's hard work.


Then TreyArch did f3king horrible on Call of Duty 3... since they toke off many important things, but added some other new stuff. After that Modern Warfare was created by Infinity Ward. Call of Duty 5 World at War was made from once again Modern Warfare engine and hard work from Infinity Ward with better stuff put into it. Then Modern Warfare 2 once again made by Inifinity Ward is based on the tweaks and "oh goodie!" stuff from Call of Duty 5.


So the thing is, their designs are based on each other. If TreyArch was to take away stuff from MW 2 and apply it on Black Ops but add new stuff like Call of Duty 3, then it would suck. BUT!!! If they were to add new stuff and keep the stuff from MW2 then it would rock. I hope they do that (2nd option)!


I  can't wait for "Call of Duty: Combat Evolved"! :P Just a made up video game, but since Bungie and Activision is gonna team up, can't wait for something like THAT to happen! :D


MASTER CHEIF MIGHT APPEAR ON THEIR NEW GAME! I dunno, this ought to be good. >:D





And if the stars are lined up then it will rock! But if 10,000 computers don't turn on at the exact same time on May 25th, it will suck.



Its going to take more than dedicated servers. Right now Battlefield owns the FPS genre. With large maps, destructable environments, and vehicles COD just cant compete. Not with hardcore FPS players atleast. Ill wait and see what they deliver however if it doesnt have destructable environments on par with Battlefield it wont even be a used purchase.



Too bad treyarch can't make a good pc game. Remember on waw how every map had a way to glitch out of it?

Live, Learn, and Shut the Fuck Up. 



 Now this is good news indeed..............

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