Deal or No Deal? Accused Hacker Rejects 2-Year Prison Plea, Faces 20 Years Instead



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Oh, yes, I bet he hacked into his neighbor's wifi real good. I bet they had RADIUS and everything on that thing...

I find the extremely loose use of the word "hacker" and "hacking" to be annoying. He probably was juuuust savvy enough to learn how to crack the WEP. I'm wondering whether he actually used the computer, or just scooped up the login to the email via packet sniffing the network... I do see one of the articles mention he's a "computer technician" but that's such a general description...

Even so, 5 years for "hacking?" Bullshit. How long would he get for breaking and entering/trespassing, with a side of stealing service? Not siding with this particular individual, I'm just commenting on the law.

And sending a threatening email to the Vice President? He's a dumbass just for that much.

I wonder why he seems to hate his neighbor so much, though. I also wonder how they traced it to him, although it could have been "I've been hacked! My neighbor hates me and knows computers! Go search his stuff!"



I'm guessing they used the neighbors routers logs combined with the emails send time and if the email provider keeps logs it would also be fairly easy to see if it was someone elses comp sending the messages. He may have even been dumb enough to continue connecting to his neighbors computers.



That's how long he'll have to regret not taking the deal. The thought of two years in prison must have been weighing on his tiny pee brain.

 Well the fat bastard will have time in prison to work off all that fat. Fat F*ck. 



I understand hacking into someone computer. But sending threat to the vice president threw Emails using he neighbor ip address he must have really hated his neighbor, and child porn.... wow dude really?


But this article made me laugh. 5 stars lol!!!! put up a rating system please lol  

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