Deal of the Day: Windows 7 Family Pack for $119.99



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David Tuerk

I hope they keep this deal on for alot longer than when it first came out.



....a deal at ANY has the most screwed up GUI of any Windows OS yet.  I fix/clean comps for ppl all over the U.S. and Canada and guess what....I fix/clean an XP machine it stays that way.   I fix/clean a Win 7 machine and the idiotic GUI causes most users to simply re-screw it up.

For example, whosever bright idea was the ribbon bar should be shot.  The same is true for the "new" taskbar.  Heck even changing wallpaper on a Win 7 comp is a hassle.  The new improved troubleshooter isn't new or improved.   Even when I've had to resort to calling tech support for HP's, Dell's etc and let them remote assist, I can see from the cursor movements that THEY even find it difficult.

Win 7 does have quite a few improvements, but they are all buried under the crapola that is the Win 7 GUI.   The human race has spent 10,000 years using menues and lists to organize things...which part of that doesn't MS understand.  All anyone needs to do is open control panel on XP and Win 7  to see the problem.

Quiz:  Which makes more sense to the average human who wants to uninstall a program?

          add/remove programs   or   programs and features?

A:  add/remove programs....because it says exactly what it does.

I challenge ANYone to completely remove Windows Messenger from a Win 7 machine in under an hour....on XP I can do it in 5-6 minutes.  Windows 7 is just a version of Windows XP that MUST ride the "short bus".





Wow, you really pegged yourself as someone who is totally unable to accept change. Your example of add remove programs only works if a person has previous experience with XP. While I agree, I find myself looking for Add/Remove programs in the control panel from time to time, a person with no previous experience would just as easily find a programs and features icon as they would an add/remove programs Icon.

Yes, we have been using menus for years, and it does work. And those of us who understand the complex set of menus you need to navigate to achieve certain goals have no problem with it. But we are in the age of full on graphical interfaces. While replacing menus with icons means us old fogies have to relearn some things, it also means tasks can actually be easier once we do learn them. And the best part is, you doesn't matter what language you speak, all you have to do is recognize the picture.

XP is a dated OS and needs to die. While it performed admirably, it is time to move on. Clinging on to XP is no different than people who can't give up their old cars. The people that claim their old car was just built better. And that they would much rather get into an accident in an old boat than a new car. All of that is just BS from people who refuse to adapt to the times.



Dude, Windows Messenger reached end-of-life six years ago, and has been in sustained engineering since. It was not a core system component in NT6, much less NT6.1.

There cannot be a challenge to remove it when it doesn't even exist. a Win7 drive for's not there.

Are you sure you weren't trying to remove the kernel or something?

As an aside, hacking Windows Messenger off of XP also prevents certain features like remote assistance and whiteboard from working in MSN/WL Messenger.



Why can I only find deals for upgrades?  I want to build a new machine and don't have a spare copy of XP laying around.  Irritating.  Still, that is a good deal. 



Newegg has it for $129.99 shipped. You'll probably get it in 3 days.

But to get it from Dell in 3-5 business days, add another $7, which makes it only a $3 difference. Otherwise, you have to wait for 7 business days to get the full $10 difference.

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