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I am a regular stream user. Recently I found out that I had to redo my windows. I had to redownload all my stream games, it got me thinking that I could had reloaded all my games in a hour with real coppies than wait a full day to get my games back. Many of you have no problem getting 8gb, but what about having to get 10 games at 8gb each. Its just not worth it for me anymore. I have a real copy of LFD2, reloaded one with stream and another comp with the retail copy, guess which one loaded faster. It wasn't the download from strean version I'll tell you that. I finish the retail with updates from stream in 15 min, while the download version took me 45 min (DSL). I'll glady just pay the extra $5 buck for a retail version. Sure stream has deals, but I usely buy when the games come out and being near a Fry's, they always have deal's on new release games (LFD2 on stream was reg price, just release at Frys $29.99 for hard copy).



You do realize that Steam has a backup feature right? You can burn installation discs of the games you download...


Peanut Fox

That, and you can save them to your HDD and do a reinstall of the game from it within Steam.



My hdd went bad and the backup on that was worthless. The disk was great but a few of them I never got to it. So I'm not hating the system just that it took time to redownload all the one that I didn't get to. As I said before I got alot of game from stream as they had some great specials. Just was not worth it when I found out no copies around to reinstall and just hated the fact that it took a while to redonload all the games (DSL). So as I said before I still will use stream but i will rather go out and get me a retail version. Those of you has fast speed all the power to you.



srry to be grammer police. its steam not stream. oh and im srry for zombie rezzing it

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