Dead iPad Battery? Apple Offers Replacment iPad for a $99 Service Fee



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Not at all surprised. A Removeable battery would mean aftermarket replacements for cheaper, cutting into future profits that Apple no doubt considers part of the bargain. I am all for the do -it yourselfer who learns how to open these things and install a new aftermarket battery himself, By the time it wears out the ipad warranty probably will be way past anyways. I already do it with ipods. I'm not a fanboi either I don't even own my own apple crap but I don't mind fixing it for a smaller fee than what certified apple techs charge



...the price is so low. (I had to join in on the mocking)

The iPad looks good. That's what matters. It only takes a few months to show it to several of your friends, and by the time the battery is finnished (2-4 years from now) the average iPad owner has bought newer stuff. It is not supposed to be an investment.

It's an accessory or a gadged. Some people open up a SharperImage catalog and buy some stuff, not because they wish to invest in essential tools, but to buy some gadgets. Apple has its own catalog.

Picking apart an Apple product for not being a PC with PC mentality is a useless excerise.

Get back to work!



Apple says the battery will last 3 years. I buy device and battery fails. So I pay $100+ on a broken promise? And on top of that the device should be in good condition. And on top of THAT, I have to back-up my data.

 I'm sold. Where do I sign up?




is it sad that this thing isnt out yet and there already setting up a battery replacement service for the thing. doesnt that say something about it? and i agree it is just a bigger version of the iphone/ipod touch. so many lawsuits out there over stupid shit but yet apple seems to get away with w.e it wants to and people just eat it up by the spoon full



The ipad looks cool. But the problem with the battery is uncool. The ipad is just only a large version of the iphone. Well, even the iphone's battery you can't take it out.  The cost of the ipad starts at $499. To service your ipad cost $105.95. hmm. Which is better? Replace your ipad or fix it. Only for if the battery no longer charges. But what is the price of a replacement ipad when your current ipad's battery are dead? Do you get it for free? Backing up your information, will take time. Once you get your new ipad then you will have to put al of your information back in.

Even though the ipad looks pretty, it look like a large version of the iphone but it uses the Mac OS.  



a pickaxe through the screen would cure that problem! LMAO


edit: this was supposed to be a reply to "stradric" post




I think the PC guy won this round because Apple has no leg to stand on for this one.



Um,... is this becomming Maximum Apple? Why would us that are pasionate about MAXIMUM PC's really care if some Apple Fanboi thinks it is OK to pay $100 for someone to install a $15 battery in a wimpy toylike device?



Coudn't agree more. I stated something like your post in the last apple article.


I Jedi

This is why I made sure that my family is Windows only. Apple's "fuck you" attitude is enough to ward me off for good.



Yet another bullet in the long list of reasons NOT to buy an iPad.

This is sure to upset privacy advocates as well.  How exactly do you wipe your dead-battery iPad of your personal information when you send it back to Apple?

I so want the iPad to fail.  Just once would I like to see some integrity on part of consumers instead of just blindly buying up whatever locked-down, rip-off product Apple throws at them. 



you plug it in, then wipe it clean via itunes or on the device itself. if you're one of the paranoid types, im sure there are clients or methods online to wipe it clean.



Just simply plug it into a wall outlet. Same as you would a net/note book. But this apple crap is getting ridiculous on this site.



We can both dream, but sadly it's not likely to happen.



this is completely bs! thank god i am a pc and dont have to deal with this crap. I think i will wait until the MS courier.  



Ya because we all know how well MS does with their perpetual Xbox 360 replacements.

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