Dawn of War II Takes over the World



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FINALLY!!! A game that has commondered the right of the pesants affections!!!

Now instead of spending your time in a cave by your self, you can actually go to a LAN party



PS- and yes; RTS really is better than a stupid, non-social MMORPG.


Amen!!! Preach it!!! MPC, you guy's are awesome!!!!!!! :D



I've never even heard of this game.



That's because you have been living in the cave known as World of Warcraft. Nothing to see here, move along.


digital demon

Yeah, it's not like this is some obscure little title...both of the Warhammer franchises are huge.



I remember playing DOWW40K demo from a MAXPC disc a while back. Oh the hours of fun i had... With unfinished singleplayer games, other games i still play, time being short, and money matters I tend to buy one game I really like the most in one genre and probably 1-3 games in shooters a year. Seems like I gotta have at least one FPS, just one RTS, and only one singleplayer action a year. This game, including RA3 was one of my watchlist for an RTS but with Starcraft2 just within a year, i'ts tough but I guess i'll have to wait.


totally free, unRunescapish, AAA web-based MMO in the near future= bye bye future wife


digital demon

I played the mutilplayer beta on Steam and was highly impressed. Going to get it eventually, but have other games I need to play through first.

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