Dating Site Dumps 30,000 "Ugly People," Feigns Remorse



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Online dating is getting so sleezy. It seems that people are more interested in either eye candy or people with large pocketbooks on those things. I was on for a few months and the only girls that responded to my inquiries replied with "where would you take me to dinner?" When I said "PF Changs," she replied "LOL, no thanks." And that's about all you can expect from all of the dating sites unless you're ridiculously good looking for drive a Ferrari. My suggestion is to sharpen your social skills and start meeting people in normal, traditional places instead of staring at some pixels on a screen hoping this person could be "the one." It's a joke.



Yeah, I've read this same story a few times before. Everytime they want to be in the news they just say they're purging their database of ugly people in hopes it'll be picked up by enough news outlets. Huge publicity stunt.


Holly Golightly

Man, what a disgusting website for sure. I will never pay money just to possibly be rejected. No thanks! I know I am not ugly, and have no problem finding a date in real life. If you need to log online just find a date, that makes you a total loser... And possibly ugly too.



I am actually curious to see who these 30,000 people were that were kicked off the site. I mean, seriously, how is it possible that this many "ugly" people could get on even with a virus giving them access? What are the odds that 30,000 ugly people happen to sign up? What are exactly these peoples standards to determine beauty?



That picture is just down right scary looking, like a nightmare. Imagine waking up to that the next morning after being blackout drunk!!!!!!!!!!!



You made me chuckle.


That was one seriously disturbing picture.



What I never understood about that site is that if the members are so beautiful and perfect, how come they need an online dating service to find someone willing to have dinner with them? Whatever it is, I'm sure it isn't because they're all a bunch of narcissistic, uninteresting, self absorbed bottom feeders. No, that couldn't be it.
It remains a mystery...



So how do they check if the picture you upload is really you?

This is what always scares me about online dating.



wow you can be serious. There's an actual site out there that doesn't let less than attractive singles into it's network? Just when I thought I heard or seen it all. Oh well I guess that company is ok with losing $750,000 per month on membership fees. Stupid



That picture is the real gem of this article. Well done. That is one fugly person.



Don,t talk about my wife like that!


Hg Dragon

Except both this "Shrek virus" and the "Christmas Purge" events were both P.R. stunts.




Mr. Hodge proves what my uncle once told me:

"Beauty is only skin deep, but ugly is to the bone!"

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