Datel Space Dock, External Hard Drive for PS3, Xbox 360



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Why in the world would anybody want to hook this up to their PS2? MaximumPC, you so silly. (Bring back Will Smith). 



"And adding an external drive, for some reason is more of a chore than it deserves to be." I have movies, videos, music, on a 500GB external hdd. It only took a few minutes to format to FAT32. I sure don't need this datel space dock.






What's the point of this for PS3 or 360 owners? If the only thing they specify is to just plug it in to the console's USB port, then this thing is simply acting as any ordinary  external USB HDD.  My out-of-the-box 360 will read any external HDD that is thrown at it. I'm currently using it to play my music and DivX files off of my 500GB WD Passport HDD. I just can't use it to store games on it...and it looks like neither can this Datel product can store games on it. 



Thanks for the clarification, I got excited for a second at this "breakthrough". Useless if you can't store game content on it.


As a mere USB dock it's ugly and has a large footprint.

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