DataJack to Offer Unlimited Mobile Broadband for $39 - Sans Cap or Commitment



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Actually to be honest with you, I have not had anything less than high class service from DataJack. I have tried the other "big name providers" and all they want is to get you in a contract and screw you over. Datajack doesnt have unlimited prepaid broadband anymore but neither does anyone else, and on top of that. They don't require any credt checks, how can you beat that?



39 $ is a pretty decent sum but for what this baby offers it's a bargain really. You don't need anymore books just grab them electronically. I would suggest getting some cash for books and buy your friend one !



hey roni,

Exaclty how many cities have you been too?  How many states?  There are plenty of places outside of New England area that dont have cell...   Lets keep in mind that the majority of the US is not downtown cities...

Take a gander at a US map; point your finger at basically any of the middle states (or as I refer to them; the flyover states); and I can find you dead zones.

 Walmart headquarters in bentonville; Arkanas area is the first large company that comes to mind that has crappy to zero cell; middle of no where; paper?; ha, maybe the walmart weekly, etc...

On a another note; if your lucky enoungh to be and old at&t subscriber to there first aircards you get both unlimted data per month and free at&t wifi spots using there crappy network manager software (grandfathered in from old plans that they no longer offer).  



To good to be true you know what they say? They probably are. They will start selling then get to many singed up the service will be slow have a lot of dropouts. Then they will charge more and put in bandwidth caps.



Come to Canada!  PLEASE!



I was looking into mobile broadband providers and most companies offer capped bandwidth (5GB/month).  This is fantastic since it gives me the opportunity to be able to work on the road (in the truest sense); now I just need a VPN router and now I can develop outside of my SOHO. :D




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I will definitely buy this unless someone undercuts them.  Right now I travel to the states about three times a year but we are moving back next year, the last time I was in DC the hotel wanted $19.95 a day for WiFi and the place was charging $200 a night for the room.  I will never stay there again, it's not like there aren't other hotels at that price point.  Most airports rape you on WiFi too, I don't understand why more businesses don't get that offering a perk like that for free which costs them almost nothing is more than worth it in customer good will.




Have you got no friends to tell your joke so you have to post that in here?



Anyone that travels will want one. 'Cause It seems That no matter where you go, There is some problem with getting Online where you are at. You always seem to have to go down the street. Or your hotel room in in the back and 5 feet to far for the signal. Now all the people I met in northern New Hampshire can get online with something other than dial-up.

Many Hotels charge $ 15.oo a day to use their WiFi.

Maybe its been changed, But last time I went to a Starbucks to use the net, They wanted your ATT password to log in and to get a ATT account was $60.oo a month. But I was only going to be in that town 2 weeks. Why would I get a $60.oo account for two years. I would up paying $20.oo for 2 hours access on a One day PIN.

I have been many places in the States and The first thing I ask is :

1.Can you get USAToday in this town ?
2.Do cell phones work ?

People who travel KNOW that most times the answer will be No.



Where are you travelling that you can't get USAToday or cell phone service "most times," besides northern New Hampshire of course.  Are you talking about travelling outside the US?  Is your cell phone from a country other than the US?  

Your questionable capitalization practices lead me to believe that you speak English as a second language.  Maybe you're from Germany where all nouns are capitalized and that's what the issue is.  But even if you were using a German cell phone that shouldn't be a problem, since I was able to rack up a heavy phone bill on my German cell the last time I was stateside without any connectivity issues. 

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