DARPA Hosting $40,000 Contest to See How People Cooperate on the Web



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Team DeciNena (think of the 80's song about 99 Red Balloons) is one of the best-organized and fastest growing, and we are now incorporating other teams into our web site.We are offering to share part of the prize money with all particpants who are active on Dec 5th, not JUST the actual balloon finder (who will receive a larger reward).Join us, and tell all your friends. That's what the whole goal of the challenge is -- to build large teams quickly.



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We have set up a red balloon challenge page on Facebook for our grass-roots team
as well as a website (red-balloons.com) - please stop by, we need as many folks as possible! :)



Queue the "I pledge to put up a red balloon on my mailbox on Dec. 5th" Facebook group.



What are the chances of being the first to report a balloon to the
group that actually succeeds in winning? The low probability of
receiving a smallish cash award isn’t worth the effort. But we're
offering a better prize. We feel the best way to get people involved is
to share the wealth by investing the money into something we can all
share, like building a giant flying cupcake entirely out of balloons.

Yes, I'm completely serious.

If you help Larry Moss win the DARPA Challenge- we'll build a giant (30' tall) flying cupcake entirely out of balloons. Join us! http://bit.ly/4HlenC

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