Daily Deals 9/17/12: 20% off Logitech G600, 20% off 120GB Intel 520 and More



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Hey! People have bills to pay!
You guys act like MPC is spitting spam in your face... It's one little page with good deals on it. Complain when MPC starts forcing you to click on it.


Svetty Parabols

Ghostery has blocked 9 of 9 items. Who knows how many Ad Block has blocked.

The usual front page only has 4 or 5 stories and now they add these "story ads" cutting this number down. The other day when I logged in, there were 2 of these story ads on the front page.

What next? one story with 4 or 5 story ads? Are they going to change the name to MAXIMUM ADS now?

Paying bills is one thing. This is overkill.



100% agree with you.


Peanut Fox

I just bought a G600 last week. It's a great mouse. If you play MMOs, or were looking at a Razer Naga, I suggest you consider it. The button placement is well thought out, and easy to remember by feel. Logitech's software is solid and easy to use.

While I do like the G600 A LOT. I find that I never want to touch it outside of playing Guild Wars 2. The grip is just too wide. It's not uncomfortable, but I find it unwieldy and much prefer my Logitech G700 for most other games, browsing, and 3d work. The scroll wheel is also pretty cheap, and there's not hyper scrolling like the G700. For me it's best as a companion mouse, and not a daily driver. Not after holding a G700.

1 question. How are there 20 buttons on the thumb side? There's only 12. The 3rd mouse button that you actuate with your ring finger works as a shift key for the entire mouse, so you'd have 24, but there certainly aren't 20 buttons over there.



Don't have this mouse, but 12 on side + lmb + rmb + "pinkie"mb + wheel + wheel tilt left + wheel tilt right + those two below the wheel = 20


Peanut Fox

I think I just misinterpreted the print.



When did MPC become a sale-price aggregating service? Is this a change in direction? Curious, because I see a pattern.



Then don't click on them.



Yeah, mpc should concentrate on reviews and hardware news... Daily deals? If I see something I like I'll go look for a deal my self in my country/area. Mpc is starting to look like the spammers who are here to make money.

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