Daily Deals 9/11/12: Dell Vostro Quad-Core Laptop, Logitech G510 Keyboard and More



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I like the daily deals, I actually look forward to them now and they bring me to the site daily.

I still do my research, I don't know assume these are the lowest prices around, but neither should anyone else.

That deal on the Dell monitor a little while ago was exactly what I was looking for.



OCZ 120G Vertex 3 Solid State Drive is $69.99 at Tiger Direct, or if you need larger storage you can pick up a Transcend 256GB SSD for $159 also at Tiger Direct



These aren't necessairly great deals - the 128GB Samsung 830 is $99 on amazon right now (it was $100 for a while).

Of course, since I keep getting added back to logicbuy's mailing list every now and then (not to mention the fact that I never subscribed in the first place), I don't think I trust them anyway.



I just bought the same Samsung SSD for $89 from Newegg with a coupon. I like these daily-deal posts. It not only shows some good deals, but makes me aware of what the products are worth.

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