Daily Deals 9/10/12: OCZ Vertex 3 120GB SATA III SSD, MSI Raedeon 7770 and More



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Just picked up a stellar deal on the Big Guy (OCZ 480GB for $280), and I'm hoping it doesn't act like the 120GB units I had to return to MicroCenter.

Samsung builds one fast SSD, but I've gotten spoiled by my 240GB PCIe Revo3 Drive.

@MaxPC: when did this article get posted? I looked for it all day until well into the afternoon EDT and did not see it. I'm also missing the one for today (SEPT 11th), so far (1230PM EDT).

Thanks for a great website and best wishes to Nathan!

Mark Strelecki
Atlanta, GA. USA



I have a Vertex Plus, and it "crashed" (errors popping up, can't open certain programs, etc) my system after 4-5 months. After installing the patch update, things went back to normal for more than 6 months. Either way, I don't trust OCZ that much.

I heard Vertex 4 is pretty good, but I'm still skeptical about it.



You couldn't pay me enough to use an OCZ drive. Horrible reliability, bad customer service.



Of the 3 OCZ drives I have ordered for myself, or friends, 2 were DOA. I got a working replacement for the first one, and I'll be getting one for the third one, but I don't think I'll be buying anymore. I ordered a Samsung drive for a friend, and I was blown away at the speed. The next time I see a 128GB or higher Samsung on sale for 66 cents per GB again, I'll be getting one for myself, and I'll use the OCZ as an external drive. And I have no problem with these new "deals pages". I am not opposed to saving money.



The Vertex 3 is a terrible drive. It's prone to random controller issues and complete failure.



I have had no problems with any of the OCZ SSD's I have installed. This article however seems more like an ad than an article. I know it is labeled as sponsored but are these articles all going to move in that direction?


Bean Bandit


Really a Deal???

O Rly.

Now maybe if we saw a Samsung or Crucial on there then yea that's a deal. OCZ it's more of a mouse trap and your the mouse trying to get the cheese.



I like OCZ, their Vertex 3 Agility (the gimped version) works well for me. Even though it only gets peak transfer speeds in the 200 MB/sec range, it destroys any mechanical drive I've used.

Though since the Vertex 3 with its SandForce controller has, iirc, serious performance differences between compressible and uncompressible data, I'm not sure that I want to pick up another one. I just might, since there's been a spate of sales on these things across the internet, and this seems to be the _full_ Vertex 3, not the gimped Agility.



Amazon has Crucial M4 SSD drives on sale today at a very healthy discount. In fact, they've sold out of the 120GB flavor:




I wouldn't give OCZ a nickle for a truckload of their SSD's. The firm I work for purchased 85 of them and the failure rate was astounding.



How many failed?

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