D-Link Announces New Routers of All Shapes and Sizes



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D-link has faild to show me anything through 5 routers... Every single one died for no reason.... these ones will be better...?



I've owned a variety of different routers over the years (Netgear, Linksys, etc.) and D-Link is the only brand to demonstrate consistent performance and long-term stability.



90% router problems are end user configuration problem and not router problems, The other %s are interferences, ISP Services and Hardware problems. I have 4 different model D-Link routers and they all perform well out of the box and setting up the extra options. Many factors can contribute to end user experiences with routers, such as many different ISP services and ISP hardware, users not fully understanding hwo to work with routers and limited knowledge of networking and the inability to seek help from online resources. External interferences on WiFi and an overload of WiFi in cities and neighborhoods. It all contributes to how the router will work comming out of the box. All routers do work out of the box, it's up to the user to get it going. Routers just don't die for a reason, there was probably something wrong up stream or down stream. It's been proven with alittle patience and asking questions, problems do get resolved.

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