CyberPower Pokes Head into Ultrabook Arena with Customizable Zeus-M Series



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And Intel wonders why their new "Ultrabook" category hasn't been selling as well as they had hoped. I have yet to see one that is an all around winner. The 1080x1920 Zenbook is the closest, but you can't even buy it because from what I understand, they are sold out.


Peanut Fox

Ultrabook screen resolutions are low because Intel wants to play hard and fast with Ultrabook pricing. Intel wanted OEMs to get the price down to that magical $999, but they aren't willing to sacrifice a lot on their end to do it. Now it's up to OEMs to shave dollars where they can on these devices and substituting a 1080p screen for a WXGA model is a great way to do it. I have to agree with you that Ultrabooks remain a lackluster entry.

Ultrabooks greatest enemy is their price. You're paying a premium at the expense of performance, and connectivity. Then you've got to justify to yourself that just because this notebook weights four or so pounds less than this one it's a worthy purchase.



One that I'm interested in playing with is Vizio's 15.6-inch Ultrabook with a 1920x1080 resolution. Saw one in-store a bit ago (it was turned off) and it's a slick looking machine, albeit rocking a flattened keyboard instead of the more popular chiclet style.



Once again why does another maker try to forcefeed us such crap. When will they realize that a 768 resolution is not a acceptable consumer product now adays.

I know alot of these are usually in their product cycle and close to shipping so to scrap them would cost a fortune, and they are willing to try to sell them to salvage some cost.

But til then, I hope all consumers realize the crap they producing and boycott them. They can sit in the warehouse and rot.

I for one will not buy a subpar ultrabook.



September 11? 9/11? doesn't sound like the best day to ship to me

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