CyberPower Jumps on Core i7 Notebook Bandwagon



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These latops are from the original manufacturer CLEVO.  They are sold under other vendors, such as Sager.  I have the previous generation, the D901C (aka Sager N9262) and I use the Desktop CPU Q6600 ( and will soon upgrade to the Q9650 CPU ) and I have no problem keeping it cool.  That is what fans are for.  I absolutely LOVE this machine.  This new version is using the exact same casing and internals, except for some upgraded motherboard and chipset.  I beleive this can only take 1 GPU, whereas my Clevo can take 2 GPUs (SLI), but I max out at 4GB of RAM, and this limit is 8GB.



I just hope they have a good amount of ventalation in that laptop, because the Tylersburg chip alone runs pretty hot. Then adding the CPU, HDD and videocard, that thing is gonna cook.

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