CyberPower Introduces New Z68-based Gaming Systems



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Cyberpower usually has some pretty decent prices, but they can use some crapy parts to build their machines. I built a computer from Cyberpower last year and within 2-3 months the multicard reader failed and the PSU failed. Simpily because they were the cheapest of cheap parts. Just build it yourself and save yourself the hassle of having to deal with their tech support, cause it sucks.


Holly Golightly

Ahhh, the Corsair 650D, the design is a work of art.


Those prices are definitely affordable, but they could put better video cards in those builds for a very close price.


Back in 2008, I purchased a computer from CyberPowerPC for my boyfriend's birthday, and their service is brutal. Almost a nightmare. They would not build it for me unless I called my bank and told them I was going to buy from CyberPowerPC. A year later, there was trouble with the computer, they could not replace the parts, but kept it as equal, and not greater value. It is like they nevered care about my business transaction... Maybe because I am a girl, or a New Yorker, but never again will I buy from them. Now me and my boyfriend build our own computers, which is much fun than being put on hold from CyberPowerPC.

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