Cybercriminals Turn to Supply Chain, Infect New Computers with Malware



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I reinstall windows fresh on all of the laptops I buy just because uninstalling all of the bloatware is such a pain. I guess this is just another reason to do so.



>All the more reason to roll your own rig, right?

Step 1: Roll your own rig.
Step 2: Install linux.


Bullwinkle J Moose

Mallicious Software Preinstalled.....ya that sounds like Microsoft Products....


Who is investigating this?




I have always preferred building my own rigs myself, I have only purchased one prebuilt before in my life, but I have also helped many friends and family buy the prebuilt systems.

As soon as they get home I've always done a full re-format and fresh install of windows. I did it mostly because I wanted all the bloatware off of them and didn't want to bother fighting with it personally.

But now I have even more reason, bloatware and malware.

Glad I am OCD afterall!



I have always built my own systems and will continue as long as I can (hmmm... build your own phone ? ). If I do buy a preconfig ( 2nd hand or factory restored ) it gets completely redone. I will even go as far as to buy a separate install disc for a windows machine just for the simple reason, even the recovery partition can get borked.

All this to say. Building ( or putting together) a desktop or even a laptop, if the option exists given the move to ultrabooks and such, is not difficult. It is best to learn what you are getting into than to take a risk and getting backdoor'd because of not-so-secure software venders having malicious software creeping into what is ( or was ) a "sterile" environment.

Stay nerdy my friends.

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