Cyber Monday Sets Billion Dollar Sales Record



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I looked at all the deals on Cyber Monday and most of them were a joke.  The prices for TV's were way more expensive than black Friday, so I didn't buy anything accept the AMAZING deals that were on Steam.  Besides Steam all the other deals were horrible.  If you bought anything on Cyber Monday, chances are you got ripped off by the hype. 



I was not impressed with the deals on Black Friday/Cyber Monday. No "great" deals.



NCIX's lame Cyber Monday 2010:





I've read the numbers and seen a ton of reports on this and honestly I think somewhere these numbers are skewed. Maybe it was that there was an influx of online shopping versus B&M shopping because this had to be one of the worst (in terms of deals) Black Friday/Cyber Monday combo's I've seen. Checking many of the popular forums I saw far less enthusiasm over sales and far few "great" deals. Being in-store over the weekend I noticed there weren't as many people shopping as I though there would be and those that were were pretty focused on only buying a few items.

The seond thing is that in most parts of the nation the economy is still in the crapper. So where is all the money comming from? I haven't seen a report that shows a total percentage which would show if all sales actually grew or if it was just on-line sales numbers. But I'd bet that we'll see that while on-line sales were up overall sales weren't nearly what was expected.



I didn't do much shopping on exactly Monday, but I must have bought 6-8 games on Steam during their pre-hoiday sale.

I have enough games to keep me busy until next year's holiday's sales.

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