Cyber Criminals Overwriting Sophisticated Flame Virus to Cover Tracks



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Stuxnet was military. Why does this article act like the creators of Flame are "criminals"? I hardly think a nation-state using cyberwarfare against hostile nations-states could be considered a criminal organization. Like it or not (and I usually don't) but our government was/is likely trying to protect us by creating Flame, which is hardly the same motivation as a criminal or cadre of criminals who are only out for their own selfish monetary gain (usually).

Just my two cents.


Bullwinkle J Moose

Why does this article act like the creators of Flame are "criminals"?

It's Maximum Propaganda at its finest!

They knew it was a Gov't job when they wrote the article as any simple Google Search would indicate to anyone researching this subject


Flame and Stuxnet teams worked together, researchers report (Fox news)


Once the Editors at Maximum Propaganda learn how to use Google, they will find hundreds of these articles



Are you really quoting FoxNews? ಠ_ಠ

I'll take Maximum's word anytime over FoxNews, even if they say that the second coming of Baby Raptor Jesus is coming.



While I realize that the certain media outlets are left or right-biased, Fox merely reported that KAPERSKY LABS was quoted as saying “The fact that the Flame group shared their source code with the Stuxnet group shows they cooperated at least once." Facts are facts, my friend...



In fact, here it is from the horse's mouth:


Bullwinkle J Moose


Was it the truth that offended you or the fact that it came from Fox News?

When I said you could find hundreds of such articles, I wasn't kidding

Google is your friend



What offended me was that it came from FoxNews

It was shocking to me that someone so informed about the issue would quote them :D

And yes I know Google is my friend... I keep reminding people here in the website about that [was this a comeback from another thread? if so... Touche my friend :) ]


Bullwinkle J Moose

Maximum Propaganda at its finest!

From the current news reports, Stuxnet was a joint U.S./Israeli weapon designed for Iran

Flame was written during Israeli work hours that included time off for religious observances as can be seen by the timestamps in the code

Microsoft's job was to allow the malware to disseminate by "NOT" fixing the security hole in Microsoft Update after they were made aware of the hole in 2009

Microsoft needed Plausible Deniability in disseminating the weapon so they "Chose" not to fix the security hole

Since Microsoft works so closely with Gov't spooks on a daily basis, there is no evidence that Microsofts failure to fix the security hole was a simple oversight but more likely a planned failure to get plausible deniability

A simple Google search finds Flame and Stuxnet are related, makers co-operated on code and Flame peices were found in Stuxnet

It's pretty obvious then that the U.S. and Israel made Flame

(With help from Microsoft)

These are not the droids you are looking for!

Sure, it looks like Microsoft spyware
Sure, it acts like Microsoft spyware

but it was some other evil perps that did this due to Microsofts failure to plug their security hole



Let's hope Linux replaces Microsoft on most computers. This kind of plausibly deniable "choice" to not close a security hole would never happen with an open source operating system.



hmmm... i wonder why you don't seem more jobs in the security field? This sounds like a good field to get into when companies start taking security seriously.


The Corrupted One

A job I have been looking at is the US Navy Cyber Defense division.

It's not a military job but has all of the perks of a military job.

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