Current Blu-Ray Players Can Only Handle 50GB of Data



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Just assuming that the only reason for bluray in current form is HD programming (which is blatantly not true), does the HD industry need the extra space and should it get it?  I mean look at HDDVD (yes i know the format war is over) which was at a 30gb limit, but still more than adequate for the main task of HD movies.   Does this also lead to more sloppy compresssion?  Money drives the train but so does necessity.  I just don't see how if the movie industry is the main economic driver for this activity, how the desire to "upgrade" the tech will be feasible. A single dual layer blue ray disc has more than enough capacity for any single HD movie.  Unless your trying to pack the entire LOTR trilogy or starwars on one disc, what is the point?  If you come at this from the angle of storage, hard drive storage more than outpaces this point by leaps and bounds for less money and with the advent of enough "power" for HTPC's and home servers with declining price structures appearing, then how does this help you for products sales?  Also in the coming years with the promise of internet streaming HD/mass amounts of data (a facet that is only held back by an infrastructure backbone incompatablility in this country), how does this play out?  I mean if the average home user can get a true 20mb/second download (a fact that is pretty much only experienced by lucky few in select FIOS areas) then the drive/argument is moot.......

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