Cuba to United States: We'll Launch our own OS!



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This is assuming that the government couldnt hire top flight hackers to break into there linux based computers.  And cuba isnt getting the code from the U.S there getting from MS.  Not to mention WHAT THE FUCK DO WE WANT ON CUBA?? I think we have more important issues right now that cubas latest cigar creation!  This is of course assuming that the U.S a world super power cant find a way around there linux distro code!



It's new cuban cigars. The perfecto cuban cigar shape. The smoker loving cuban cigars and cuban cigar that everyone wishes to smoke..




Ofcourse Cuba can not rely on Microsoft for their computers.

Cuba have no access to the source-code, and can never be sure what windows really does. And, Pentagon and NATO partners have access to the code and therefor in better positiion in net-war. Would us americans rely on closed sourse os from Cuba, China, or Russia?

Allso Microsoft have no support for their closed soursed products to Cuba, and do not sell products to Cuba. Because of the us economic blockade. Guess there allso would be problem to get security updates.

 Of course it makes perfect sense to build their own version of GNU Linux. It is very mature and have massive support from other governments, many big companies, and thousends of individuals througout the world. If Cuba should build, closed sourced something compareable they would have to engage developers with hundres of billion worth of euros. And in computer history there islittle that shows that a closed source make a system safe. Opposite.The MS Windows series are known to be very unsafe, vulnerable for attacks, viruses and troyans. GNU Linux on the other hand are known to be much more secure. Allmost all super-computers and important internet-server-clusters run GNU Linux. Go figure.


Open source allso fits Cuban ideology. There is no private property. The software belongs to all the people.


I find it a better question why Cuba did not do this 15 years ago.


Keith E. Whisman wrote:

"There is no chance in Cuba to build a company and become super rich and live out a dream through hard work. Nope "

 You are right. Cubans have other thoughts about a good society. Were all should have met their basic needs. So no extreme poverty. Also people should not exploit eachother. If you are rich, in essence, you have a lot of people subordinated you, and working to make you happy. Cubans have thoughts about equality. 


Last I will comment the title of the main article "Cuba to United States: We'll Launch our own OS!". Is this really about USA? 

 I thought it was about cuban computers...


Keith E. Whisman

Sounds to me that you would probably enjoy living in Cuba. Why don't you move there and leave the USA to people like me that want to get rich and have people subordinated to me. 

Cubans risk their lives everyday fleeing for America. If Cuba was so great why would so many people risk a terrible death by drowning or worse from no water in the middle of the ocean. Communism does not work. Even China realizes this and it's why it's changing it's tune. People want to have a chance to be something more. To own land, to own a car and have a family. To be happy. To live an easy life. To retire to an easy life in their old age.

The Cuban people are just as human as I am and deserve the rights to Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.

I hope they do make an awesome OS and make it available. I remember how flashy the first Chinese Linux was and look forward to seeing what they can do in Cuba. Building an OS takes alot of creativity and that is the begining of liberty. 



I hope you don't believe half the bullshit you're spouting.  Cuba isnt some crappy 3rd world country, and the USA is not some sort of promised land that all other countries want to be like.  Godamn you Americans really enjoy the smell of your own farts dont you?

Furthermore what's with this democratic propoganda?  How many things do you think the people of a modern democratic society really have control over?  Does getting to vote for who gets to tell you what to do make a democracy so much better than a society where you don't get to vote for them?  From a philosophical standpoint perhaps, but from a reaistic one there isnt any difference.  What about the 49% that vote the other way?  What about the people who don't vote because nobody stands for what they believe in?  Do the people in power really represent the majority?

Democracy is really just a dishonest form of dictatorship designed to keep people happy.  Personally monarchy is my favorite form of government.  I'd rather serve someone faithfully and by my own virtue blindly believe in some farce.


Keith E. Whisman

Hell if Hitler had become president of the united states he would have been replaced after 4years if he made it through 4years. The President is not above the law and he may have been kicked out of office and brought up on charges like Nixon was looking forward to.

A monarche is a dictator. Absolute power. You would pretty much have to get through all his blind followers to get at him if he broke the law or brought evil to your country. There would be no relief without revolution like what the United States had to do in the 18th Century.

I really love the UK but last I heard the Queen has Veto power. So if the law makers pass a law she doesn't like she gets to stop it. The only real good monarchy would be the UK with it's built in checks and balances and a PM that serves for a limited time until another election. But like I stated before nothing gets passed into law without the ok of the Queen.

But I would never ever put my complete and total faith in anyone weather that be a man or woman, black or white. King or President. Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely.

Frankly your political belief scares me.  



Freedom is relative. There's no doubt we enjoy more freedom than most in the good 'ol US of A, but I offer these observations:

If you think you own land, try not paying your taxes.

If you think you own a car, try driving it unregistered, or without a license.

Last I heard, having a family was encouraged in Cuba.

I would bet that there are a LOT of happy people in Cuba... happiness is not illegal there, or anywhere else as far as I know.

I'm not sure what an "easy life" means to you, but free medical care sure would help mine...

Ummm, have you checked the news lately? Most retirements are evaporating. Also, most companies these days will fire you before you can retire so they don't have to pay out. Of course, there's always Social(ist) Security to take up the slack.

That getting rich thing with subordinates. Great! Easy today, just run a company like a drunken frat party and let the government hand you a big bailout check. Unfortunately, they will limit your bonuses to 1/2 a mil. Damn Commies!

Oh yeah, the Linux thing... great! Hope they don't turn it into a bureaucratic mess, though.


The Canadian

 You know what the Cubans will call this?


CastrOS 1.0.


The Canadian




much like the American Nova car that failed to sell in mexico, spanish speaking cuba probably won't like the sound of an OS that translates into "does not go"



Didn't China already announce they were going to dev their own OS?

You'd think they'd get together on this type of thing, but I guess China & Cuba aren't famous for getting along with anyone (much less each other).

I expect Cuba's going to have a lot more trouble with this, because they have to reward people smart enough to code/program ---enough that they don't just take their education somewhere that rewards it better.

Maybe "no go" is the motto for their computer personel program?


Keith E. Whisman

China is indeed developing it's own OS but not because hate MS it's because they are embarressed by the rampant piracy in their country. China is getting there. One day Communism will be completely dead in China. I never thought China would allow Christianity in it's country but times change. Remember praise jeebus.



Cuba has computers?



Keith E. Whisman

The Cuban government employ super computers to develop the perfect cigar and to try to take of the world.

And Michael Moore if Cuba was so great why do so many risk their lives to come to America? Sure if your rich like you are Mikey you are going to see Cuba as a great place because you already have lots of money but you could care less about the citizens of Cuba that are starving that perhaps get medical care it's up to the Cuban Government if you live or die and any job you get is by the grace of the government. There is no chance in Cuba to build a company and become super rich and live out a dream through hard work. Nope

This is why I oppose Cuba and hope that Fidel hurries and passes on so that perhaps his people will lose their fear and rise up to make a democratic society. 



"I can't help but wonder why Cuba would turn to an open-source solution in the name of security interests."


How do you get the paranoid to stop being paranoid? Unless they write an OS from the ground up it will be relatively easy to hack any OS they put in place. Kids are doing it all the time around the world.

I see this more as a money savings than anything else. With the embargo in place they aren't as flush with money as they could have been. Things have gotten worse in the last several years due to the hurricanes and this is just one way to save some money for rebuilding, IMHO.




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