Cuba More Than A Little Peeved at Black Ops' Castro Assassination Mission



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That last paragraph. Tried to link to it got nothing. So is this just a net- rumor or is there some truth to it?




Cuba can't make anyone outside of Florida care about Cuba or what it has to say.



No offence and all, but you guys are nuts... in a hilarious way. lol

No harm no foul? After all, they only *tried* to kill him... it's not like he died or anything... Are you KIDDING ME??

Don't get me wrong, I think the Cuban government is being about as idiotic as any government can be... but really? No Harm, No Foul?? That's your argument??

How about this... it was a freaking slice of history. Period. The Cuban government has no right, rhyme, nor reason to bitch about a slice of history showing up in a game. The US has to deal with it all the time, for good and ill, as does every other government on the planet. Books, Movies, Games... all the same, all the time. Bitching about it makes them look like whiny pricks.

But saying 'no harm no foul' in reference to an attempted murder... ok, assassination... that's pretty twisted.

Frankly, I don't know what the Cuban government is complaining about... the game apparently shows americans as not only violent and 'imperialist', but also incompetent. In their place that's the angle I'd play up in my press release, whether it's historically supported or not. My guess is that they just wanted a sound byte that makes the papers, and they're counting on the anti-game slant of the press to guarantee it and put them in the public eye.



So I wonder how many copies of this illegally embargoed game are for sale in the streets of havana right now out of the back of some guy's 1953 ford pickup?


Zachary K.

don't we have an embargo on his useless whining?



its was an attempt: i dont remember him actually dying at all, cause the mission went FUBAR. so i dont see what the problem is. attempt that worked should raise eyebrows, not an attempt that failed. no harm no foul.



Your comment lends credo to the "sociopathic" argument from the Cuban government.  You see in this country we have laws where you will be incarcerated for attempted murder.  Your lawyer walking into the court saying "My client failed to kill John Doe.  No harm no foul your honor." would probably get disbarred. Methinks you're a bit of a sociopath yourself if you seriously believe the comment you just posted here.



Is it murder to hang a war criminal? Our government, considering you a national threat, you've been tried and resist attempts to solve the issue so we will now enforce it. Murder is killing someone innocent. Forgive me for not seeing this man as the goldilocks of Cuba. If you play war games with the states, what other result were you expecting?? Killing a dictator that threatens a free country while oppressing his own is not murder. Not in the sense I know it. If your simple definition of murder is to take another person's life I don't think you understand the concept of freedom. 



The sad part for Fidel ole "El Presidente" is that infamy in this case is actually a form of flattery.  I would bet $100 that majority of kids have no clue what the "bay of pigs" or "cuban missle crisis" events are.  If nothing else it's stimulating them to learn about history hopefully.  Lib's fucking kill me because they lose their minds about the bush invasion of Iraq being wrong and none of their leadership would ever screw up like that but Kennedy did no less at the "bay of Pigs".  Oh well just goes to show both parties have their share of idiots, at least Bush wasn't a pussy although stupid at least he had balls to carry out actions.


Zachary K.

don't know what the Cuban missile crisis is? i just got out of high school last year, where i did an elaborate project that included a 15 foot model of an r-14 missile.

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