CTL Launches Ubuntu Notebook



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Keith E. Whisman

With current Ubuntu's slick interface, I want a laptop with a large multi touch-touch screen. With out a touch screen I just don't like the new Ubuntu interface (AKA GUI)



normally I automatically give anything with an i3 in it a pass, but with linux it sould not be a problem. the question is on the build quality i suppose, if it's built like other sub-$500 notebooks, no thank you... if they used the money they saved on the windows license to toss in better hardware, sure thing.


I Jedi

Yeah, for a hundred bucks more at Dell, I can find a better deal. If it was around $350, I'd say hot damn. I wonder if this is aimed at the general consumer or IT level personnel?



As a Linux user, I must say I find this to be over priced. For the same ammount I can get a laptop with a windows key, partition off the hard drive and install Linux, and then not have to worry about how much of a pain WINE can be half the time when I want to play a game, or for those that actually have an iPod, put music on it without having to put Linux on the iPod as well.


Knock the price down to about $350, and it becomes an option for a second computer, or a computer for kids.

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