Crytek to Unveil “Next-Gen-Ready” CryEngine 3 Later This Month



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i aint surpirsed with the comments here.

i think some people think that hdr, dynamic ligthing, destructible environment, being able to interact with the the pieces that fell off that destructible environment, a thousand fauna moving in one scene in a real time scenario is such an easy task. surely those can be done by anybody right?




I know what a Wii is! A "console" for non-existent, albeit, fun "gaming"!






Can it play Crysis?



If Crytek is depending on the next generation of consoles to move this product, they're going to have a long wait.




Ok, I originally got 2 9800GX2's with an I7 later, just to max out crysis and crysis warhead. Even with all that power, I am going to have to upgrade my computer again to max the new one out. ohh well, better start saving again.



i would really hate to be owner or primary investor in crytek.  they really lack content to match their "superior graphics"... or at least compatibility....i have gotten to play game on high settings, and its really not that great....kind of like farycry 2, they simply fell short on a few things that make games worthy.



I actually enjoyed Crysis recently on my ATI 4850 but agree its not mind blowing. Unfortunately not many games are anymore.  We need developers who create worlds again and not just same o' regenerated gameplay with better graphics. Also to much cross platform development is happening because devs are afraid to take chances with new ideas due to cost. So they create mediocre games and release them to multi platform hoping they return a profit. Engines like Cryteks are supposed reduce the cost of developing and give the dev a chance to be creative. Well see.....

I am big time disappointed to see Crytek going multi platform. It's no longer about creating a game anymore and making a living. It's about greed. Cover as many  platforms as they can so they can become mega rich ASAP. The sad truth is console gamers will buy anything which doesn't push the cause for better gameplay experience. I have all three consoles and buy their "top" rated games. I quickly abandon them and go back to the exclusive gems I have for PC.



I think you're being too rough on a company that needs to make money to survive. And if they have a great product to provide, why SHOULDN'T they make good money from it? When Crysis came out, a lot of people considered it partly a 'tech demo' to show off their engine. The engine appears to be where they're concerned with making money, so give them credit for actually making a game that was fun. No, it wasn't mind blowing in terms of gameplay, but it was hella fun for me, and that's what a game is supposed to be.

And with Warhead they got better at everything: gameplay, graphics, story. It was all around a better game than Crysis, so apparently they do take their IP and game development somewhat seriously.

The key with this dev kit will be easy of migration. If a developer can spend all their time on game design, and the kit automates platform migration, then we probably have nothing to worry about. They can do spend all their time creating a great game, instead of sharing that time migrating between multiple platforms and lowering the quality of the game.






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