Crytek Renders Real Jungles Obsolete with First CryEngine 3 Trailer



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Keith E. Whisman

Looks really good for a console. But really consoles these days are more a dedicated PC with an OS that games and other software that are optimized to run the best on. Look at the hardware. Nvidia graphics, a multicore cell processor a HDD and ram.

I wonder if this demo is using PhysX technology. The physics look impressive.  



So, when I view a tech demo, I have the expectation that the "tech" should be readily evident, stated at some point, or perhaps narrated.

Unfortunately, this fell short of those expectations.

I found nothing readily evident in this tech demo that suggested any improvements.

Graphically, the game looks exactly the same. As far as physics, I only found the rocket-through-the-palm-trees a minor improvement, and there is no quantified performance comparison to suggest that the engine has been optimized.

With these facts in place, I'm left wondering why Crytek has decided to develop a new engine, and not simply modify CryEngine 2 for their purposes.

Now, logic would suggest there would be SOME reason for this new engine, and I am not here to dispute its existance. I am, however, left with the feeling that Crytek is trying to ride the "Ooh. Ahh." effect they have established with previous projects.


Saiyan Monkey

Ooh! Aah! I think I pooped a little after the heart attack.


If it was so, it might be, and if it were so, it would be. But as it isn't, it ain't. That's logic.

--Tweedledee and Tweedledum (probably paraphrased)



I believe they had to make a new engine because they're no longer developing solely for PC's, they're moving onto consoles as well.

This might bea reason for it, or possibly it so outlandishly better that they had to slap a new number on it.

Who knows, I'm just excited for Crysis 2! 



wonder if NASA will run crysis 2... 2 billion dollars for what now Mr. president?



Also, it seems that in urban environments, CryEngine looks alright, but it's in the natural environments where it really shines.  Those palm trees about 1/3 through the video? Wow.  The evergreen forest looks pretty amazing, too.



"...cracked open your PC and drank the syrupy yolks within" I like that, lol.


digital demon

...just like CryEngine 2. I'm sure there are tweaks and enhancements and optimizations, but they sure aren't readily apparent. I wish they would make their previous engine more playable before moving on to a new one. Warhead runs better, but the first Crysis is still unplayable for most people at high resolution and detail. When they said it was made with future hardware in mind, they must have meant the distant future.



From Cryengine 1 to Crynengine 2 was a massive leap, now they're taking a step backwords so they can work with consoles?

That sucks. Not impressed at all. 



I wouldn't call it a step backwards at all. CryEngine 2 was practically before it's time in the first place. The refinements to the engine for Warhead were fantastic. Better looking with less power. No doubt Warhead is one of the current best-looking games available today. For v3, I'm betting they did major advancements to the physics of the engine, and minor graphic improvements. This makes an already powerful engine more readily available to the gaming industry. Do you really want another engine that WOW's you but makes you're PC crawl? I don't. As long as it scales well, it'll be fine.


DMI PC Repair

Why is it when some new happens in computing everyone refers to a heart attack?  Like I say to my compition here in Florida, impress me.  Crysis did.  Before that it was a game called Quake 3 Arena.  For years Quake 3 was the yard stick.  I find it hard to believe that anything could be real in computer games any more.  Waiting for that next leap and for the technolgy to plateau.  I think it will happen in the next 5 years.  BTW do I need a i7 and DDR4 video card to run this stuff.  A 4 Gb DDR4 video card only costs about $7,000.



Xcore don't mean X processors dang it!!!



Nathan you do know that you are one of the worst bloggers to have ever represent a major magazine that I know of, right? Each one of your posts seems so much more sarcastic and less professional and more out of place than any of the other posts here. Seriously, I don't know anything about you but just the way you construct each and every one of your posts just makes me want to facepalm.

 Also, would you tell your web people to stop floating certain articles over others? Yes I get it, you are proud of your Linux feature posts and want to increase the number of viewers, but could you not post newer stuff underneath it for those of us who check the blog twice a day maybe? It's kind of like the "Hit the jump" shenanigans that just don't look good for any blog.



Firstly, I'm not looking for an argument or a fight.

I only wish to state, that replies to this topic should logically be to discuss the topic, and not its format, or the person writing it.



And you're not being forced to read anything I write. If you don't like it, don't read it. MPC provides you with a service -- not an obligation. It's sad to hear that you have such strong feelings in opposition to me, but that's life. No one can satisfy every detractor. As such, attempting to justify my style or alter it just for you would be a waste of time. And that's the last I'll ever speak of this. Peace out, all -- and sorry about the spat of pseudo-drama!

 --Nathan Grayson



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My work IT doesn't like me to have phun :(



Phew!  I thought our internet nazi's found a clever way to censor forum posts without censoring the whole website.


Scared me. :)

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