Crytek: Cloud Gaming Firmly Grounded Until 2013



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This really just keeps comming back to what I said before about bandwith and the broadband ISP's not giving people what they pay for. Now we are seeing more and more of those companies giving out limited contracts for DL ammoutns per month. Until they get the market back on track this type of tech really isn't going to catch on in the states. I really don't consider it a replacment for anything. It's more like a way for gamers to play the newest computer games without spending money on high end PC's. The people that spend money on a decent PC would still be better off in the long run unless they totally stop putting out games for the normal gamers and I wouldn't think that would stop unless the market went away. I'm not saying it's a bad idea. You would just have to come to the conclusion that the market for such a device isn't really there yet and releasing it in the states would probably just help you to loose money. Unless you add MMO's to the list but if you do that then I hope you have alot of servers available. I want this to work but it's not really going to happen unless they get the broadband companies on board. If I was one of those companies and this type of console was going to catch on the last thing I would do was lower my rates or change anything because as-is they are set to make too much money.

Really though am I wrong? Is there somthing I'm not seeing?

 ~No one said it would be easy....they just said it was worth it...~

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