CrunchPad Tablet Project Implodes



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My bet is that, as a well meaning and tech-focused person, Arrington got hosed by a bunch of douchebag MBA dicks.  The tablet will (I am guessing) still come out and still be successful, but this is most likely a way for the investors to realize another 5% or so by denying Arrington his cut.  Just a guess, but I bet I am right.



they have to make it, and it has to be cheaper then Apples POS....i have been saving my pennies for a year now in anticipation for this thing to come into existence....and dang it all i even sat on Santas lap asking for one.  :-(

I don't have allot of cash, but i will give you everything i have to help further the development of it. PLEASE don't make my buy an over priced apple.



Oh no, you saved your pennies for a year and don't want to be forced into buying the uh... non existent but much anticipated Apple something? My advice to you is to take your saved pennies and invest in America, I have this bridge in Brooklyn that I can sell you.

Looks like the Pegasus has fallen off the wish list, Maxi the Unicorn is the pet of the year. Cue the Final Countdown....



that was a little harsh.  i'm pretty sure that the crunch pad was being developed and designed by mostly american companies, yes i know they had partnered with fusion garage that was most likely an Asian company but come on what is not developed or made or at least the parts made somewhere over the seas...we live in a global economy. so deal with it.

Plus apple has a tablet go and listen to the MaxPC BS pod case 125 Gordon got to play with one and tell about it. so i know its finally a legit product that will be way over priced. 

also i still prefurr the pegasus or atleast a Unicorn + Red Bull ,  MAXI the unicorn is just too cute to own, makes me wanna puke.

 BTW i already have a bridge in Brooklyn on lease, i get the penny buy out in another year :-P



Gordon rode Maxi the Unicorn to that Tablet Demo by Apple.

I was imploring you to buy an American bridge, the iconic Brooklyn Bridge, which with the historically low interest rates you can own for pennies. Just sign here.

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