Crucial Begins Shipping mSATA-enabled m4 SSD for Ultrathins



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I've been waiting for a quality mSATA drive to come out. Pair this with a Trinity APU and ill buy it right now.



what the point of adding one of these? Do the just replace the exisiting ssd? What about people who add them to Desktop PC's? what function do they serve?



Those things is using for increase your HDD's performance. If ou are using SSD as your primary system drive, then you don't need it. If I am not wrong, with mSATA, the everyday used cache file will been store into those drive that let you HDD system running faster, faster resume from sleep..., for someone doesn't want buy SSD yet, the mSATA should be better choice. For the laptops, some PC maker offer those kind of option that users have a low cost solution to get better performance than HDD.
Here is the link from Intel:
Hope it can help you to understand why need mSATA.


Peanut Fox

There are a few z77 boards that have an mSATA slot. Asus and Gigabyte have a few that I know of. The performance is identical to a standard SSD. There's really no benefit in a desktop rig as it takes up a SATA port to use it. It's geared more toward ultra portables where space is a premium. If you've got a mini ITX build cutting space where you can is nice, and one of these will fit well in that role.


Philippe Lemay

Wow... my full sized 128GB m4 cost more than that when I bought it. This is pretty damned impressive. I wonder if they sell enclosures that could turn these things into USB 3.0 flash drives.

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