Crosley's USB Turntable is New Old-School



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If you're even moderately serious about your records you simply put them away in the slip covers after you're done.  Dust doesn't gather fast enough to be a real problem during playback and it's easy to clean off.

What I'm interested in is it's audio quality.  Anyone have a review of this by Stereophile or similar (no Stereo Review never counted as legit) or even Patrick Norton?




Sony also made one.  The vintage ones sell for a lot on ebay.  Record nerds use them to sample records at record swaps, flea markets, thrift stores, etc.



No cover to protect the vinyl? No deal. This is why I still prefer the Ion Audio Profile turntable. Comes witha cover, USB connectivity, software suit for ripping and editing, also elimiantes the scratches and pops, can also connect other audio devices directly to the Ion for ripping, and fiannly the price is $100 unless you catch it on Woot for around $60



While the look is new indeed, they failed to comprehend the reason there is a cover over the good old turntables: records don't like dust.

The lack of protection on my precious records make this gadget an instant failure.

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