Crime Ring Used 3D Printers To Create Realistic ATM Skimmer Devices



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Help me out here.  Why do people use ATMs anyway?

If I need spendable cash, I go to the grocery store, buy a banana (healthy snack) and get cash back.  *BONUS*  I can get it in whatever mix of denominations I want.  If I'm meeting friends for dinner, this greatly helps me to avoid the hassle of getting change for a $20 at the restaurant.

When I'm buying gasoline (or pretty much anything else), I use a Visa / Mastercard.  *BONUS* Federal law that protects ME from any sort of criminal shenanigans related to my card number being stolen.  *DOUBLE BONUS* With a card with usage-based rewards there's... well... rewards.  Pay the card off every month, no finance charges.

If I need to deposit a check (fairly rare), I'll go INSIDE the bank and talk to a person called a "teller".  *BONUS* I get to help keep someone employed.

Sooo, why do folks use ATMs again?  I'm VERY confused...




  1. Sometimes I need more than $60-$80 in cash (which is the most I've seen at the Vons I go to). Especially in places that are either conventions or convention-like and the seller doesn't take cards. I won't hold it against them they don't have a credit card reader, that's like asking the convetion ground to have 100+ telephone jacks ready for use.

    If I'm in the restuarant situation in question, I just pay the bill if it's too much of a hassle and call in a favor. 

  2. Paying in debit at certain pumps is cheaper (but I usually don't care anyway)
  3. I use a credit union for a bank, which is some 500 miles away. Kind of hard to deal business with them in person don't you think?

But I read MPC's article about ATM security and really, it just takes like a minute to feel around for anything unusual. 



I don't see the difference between an ATM and a Gasoline pump, you can still possibly have your info stolen through a scanner at a gas station.



As I said, I never use an ATM card at a gas pump.  It's always a VISA.  I don't care if the VISA info gets stolen and used elsewhere.  With a CC, you're just not liable.




Gotta admit, this is a clever scheme.



This is exactly why I refuse to use ATMs or POS systems with that style of card reader.



I also stay away from ATMs that aren't of my own bank, but what I don't get, is that if these guys are stealing information, what makes them think this isn't easily traceable? It would take little more than a compromised card holder notifying their bank, which would stop all transactions through a credit card processing company and then report when and where the attempted transaction took place. I think people are better off robbing banks with guns and masks than attempting this nonsense!



" the prospect of custom-made Warhammer figures"-- How did know?

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