Creative Inks $50 Million Licensing Deal with Intel



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Hg Dragon

Creative Technology is not Creative Labs, the PC audio vendor. Creative Technology does things like A/V setups for things like concerts, sporting events, corporate display booths. Think Superbowl half-time show or big-summer-arena-concert tour stage show kind of events.



You're thinking of a different Creative Technology. Creative Technology Ltd and Creative Labs are one and the same. Notice where the press release takes you.



You are correct, but Creative Labs also has the Creative Technology moniker. Go to their website and scroll to the bottom. There you will find in small print, "Creative Technology Ltd".



Actually just Google "Creative Technology" like I did.
The first link takes you to the Creative Labs (aka Soundblaster) home page.
The second link takes you to a wiki about Creative Labs/Technology.
Not saying this is wrong, but not saying it's right either.



Rumors? Anyone have any speculation? What is Creative going to do with this unknown Intel agreement.

Creative has been dwindling in market share in audio products for years now. Creative's MP3 player line up is an alternative to iPod-ia but will never dethrone that juggernaut. Onboard sound has all but killed the line of awesome sound cards they became known for. Even the speaker systems they used to make that were ok were dethroned years ago by Logitech, Klipsch and other boutique venders. So what will they do with Intel tech?

Portable gaming devices? Whole-home wireless audio/video streaming and distribution with integrated surveillance options?

That's a lot of money to pay for licensing.



"Under terms of the deal, ***Intel will pay*** $20 million for the licensing of certain technologies related to ZiiLabs' high performance GPU technology, while the other $30 million is for the transfer of certain engineering resources and assets in the U.K. subsidiary"

intel is paying creative that dough. question is, when did creative branch out of audio and into GPU technology? Does anyone know? what exactly is creative doing these days?



Thank you for the correction!!! I should have read that more closely. ... I NEVER would have thought Intel would pay Creative. My brain read it, then corrected it for what I thought should exist in reality.

So, what's Intel doing now? Are they going to put some XFi on some motherboards? Maybe they'll start using Creative wireless audio distribution for speakers or headphones?

Although it has been a while since MPC reviewed anything Creative ;)



It likely revolves around their stem-cell media processor; They took good care in the article to mention Zii Labs (as opposed to just Creative). That's the conclusion I drew at least.



Memo from the Department of Redundancy Department...

Doesn't the statement "...the world's largest semiconductor chip maker in the world..." seem a bit redundant?




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