Creative Hopes to Jump into E-Reader Market with Zii MediaBook



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I may be different from other traditional book readers, but I don't really think so.  I am an avid reader and I tend to re-read my books every few years, so I have accumulated a small public library in books in the last 30 years.  In a 1,300sqft home, that takes up a ton of space. 

I recently bought a Sony 505 E-reader (on a 75% off sale price) and after trying a few books on it. I have to say that the reading experience is not that much different than reading a "real" book.  I can read in direct sunlight and there is no screen glare as the screen is made to mimic a printed page.  The background looks like that off white that a paperback page looks like and the black text stands out nicely on it. 

As for batteries and such, mine has a built in Lithium Ion battery (it is replaceable when the time comes), and is rated by Sony as being good for over 4,000 page turns.  I have not counted my page turns, but I can say that I only have to charge it about once a month.

Lastly, in regards to my earlier mention about the space my books are taking up; the Sony 505 has SD and Sony Memory stick card slots.   I imagine that if I bought either one at the largest size available and supported by the device, I could store most if not all my books on it in digital format.  To me this is the deciding factor.  Saving space at home, and if I travel.  No need to take up suitcase space with books and being able to have all my books at my fingertips anytime anywhere. 

I guess you can tell from my post that I am very happy with my choice to buy an E-reader, but each person will have to make that choice on their own.



Didn't that cause legal problems with the Kindle?



I'm not a book reader.... in fact, MaxPC is about as far as it gets for me, but I just don't understand these eBooks. I think it's the dumbest thing ever. Just carry the book with you. I dunno.... I probably shouldn't even comment on it, but it's everywhere and I just don't get it. I understand technology is getting bigger everywhere, but replacing books? i think die hard book readers like my mother-in-law wouldn't like this.... but who knows? I'm not trying to troll this article, but I'd like to hear some opinions of real book readers on if this new fangle thing is for them or not.



I'm not a die-hard book reader, but I definitely prefer a physical book to read.  The only reason I could think of to own an e-book reader was if I was in another country and wanted to read something in my native language or something.  Otherwise, I am perfectly fine just going to the library and picking up a real paper book.  No batteries, no screen glare, etc.  So I have to say "no" to the e-books.  

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