Creative Announces Immediate Availability of Wireless World of Warcraft Headsets



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I actually like the look of this headset. It looks kinda neat. However I will not get it for 2 reasons, one being that it's a Creative headset, and I've had some issue with em, and the other being that it does look a bit cheap and an attempt to be space age-y. I think it should have looked more WoW-ish in the sense that yes, it does have the logo, but there should be alliance and horde versions, both with totally different colors, but designs stay rather similar. Like the Horde one could be red with the flag, and look more like it's made of wood and steel than some alloy made for spaceships, and the alliance one be like that steel one, but a little more aged and battered looking. Otherwise it's pretty cool. One drawing point would be the fact that it's wireless, which is quite nice. I've wanted a wireless headset for years, and this one looks decent as far as wireless ones go.



It looks somewhat like Ulduar architecture IMO.



I've been using Creative stuff for years.  My first one was a Live! Value.  Now would prolly be the best time to buy Creative because chances are, There won't be a new version of Windows for quite a while.  Therefore they will support this thing for some time.When WinME came out you either had to get new hardware or pay them to mail you a CD.  WinXP at least you got bare drivers for what you already own. No drop down bar at the top of your screen, whatever they called it back then.  YOu got a mixer and bare essentials.  I gurss my point is they have sort of gotten better over the years. 

 However, last year,  during the Curcuit City sell out, I purchased a 16gig Creative Zen.  $100 wasn't bad.  But the piece of crap won't play for an hour without freezing.  They say format it, check firmware and make sure you have latest drivers blah blah.  The same day I bought it, I registered it for the warranty stuff.  And my wife throws the receipt away.  They wouldn't do an RMA for it because no receipt. 

 Would I buy these?  For less than $120, yeah.  They better sound better than my Gamecom777 set. And better have more than a 6 hour battery life too.

 Now ima go look at the product site and see if I'm interested.

 Ok 9 hour battery life, optional PTT foot control pedal, $160 and built in controls on the headset.  Don't play WoW.  I've never even seen WoW played in real life.  So that's not a biggie other than the lenses.  Don't like that at all.  That's gimmicky.  Cheesy.  I may not complain so hard bout that if they had N7 or ME2 or something like that on them.  I definately would not use or buy N7 lenses for this set as they do have WoW all over them and that seems kinna stupid to me.

 I can see these being worth $160.  If I had a tax return or some such I could see even paying for them.  Out of a paycheck?  nah.



Creative may be innovative, but given their track record on support, I am very hezitent(sp?) to buy from them. Since this is wireless, I would wager you will get a driver that works about this time 5 yrs from now.

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