Crazy Researchers De-Link Aggression with Videogames



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I scoff at that idea! I say video games stem real world violence. More than once I've felt a deep seeded desire to use my conceal care weapon to shot some moron christmas shopper at Walmart. Instead I just went home and got on my PC and fired up some 3D shooter game and went wild. I get the satisfaction of shooting someone (even if they are fake) and the world remains a safer places for idiots.

But seriously, I found the violent video games give me a safe outlet for the urges I get dealling with stupid people. I'm sure that there are idiots that have plulled a 15 straight day streak of 23hour days of some violent video game and took it out on someone else. I say that person was screaming for someone to pay attention and wack them back to reality anyway. I found that most of the examples the believes in this screwed up idea present were either already prone to violent behavior, or just plain week minded individuals that would have fallen pray to anything or anyone, much like the Global Warming crowd.


Side Fact: The last major global cooling event in history coincided with the black plague. The last major global warming event coincided with the vikings trip to newfoundland. I wonder how just how many SUVs they took on that trip!?



This guy better be careful lest he end up in a cell with Julian Assange.  Delinking violence in video games with real world violence will give those hot-headed believers nothing to do and they may just riot in the streets!

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