Craigslist Exterminates Adult Services Listings Around the World



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It's so funny to think that something like this existed because Craig of Craigslist put it there. Yeah, physically it was there because he wrote the code, but why did it stay there? Because people used it. Why did people use it? Because they wanted to.

Nobody seems to have a realistic view of society, other people, or the world for that matter. Why do people drive Hummers? Not my cup of tea, nor are they winning any environmental points, but the reason the Hummer was "civilianized" is because people wanted it, not because GM was forcing it on us. Yeah, if GM hadn't made it available to the public, people wouldn't have bought it, but they did. And they bought it because they wanted it.

This is how our capitalist society works.. somebody wants something, somebody else realizes they can provide it, and they do. If people want sex and are looking for it online, whether Craigslist has an adult personals section is of no importance. They're going to find what they want. Period.

Couldn't agree more with the forcing of moral views, by the way. I'm sick of the elected officials believing that they were elected because we value their opinions and we want them to ram their retarded, backwoods, 1960s ideology down our throats. Officials used to be elected to do EXACTLY what we tell them, no more, no less. I wish government would get back to that.




I live in America, never once used Craigslist but I think that it is BS that moral hypocrites have the to force a shut down of a service like this on a world scale.  If we don't want it in our country then fine.  But who to say what the whole world wants.  Hell do these people have any idea the about of sex social sites there are on the net.  Sites that are dedicated to meeting up with the right person for the right money.  No, they tear down the one big one that has the ability to be somewhat regulated and let thousands of little sites now provide the same service  which will be impossible to monitor.  Idiots.



I Jedi

AMERICA FUCK YEAH... Where if your moral values don't align with ours, we'll get the courts to force you to stop!






The founder is a total scumbag. He did everything he could to keep listing that stuff. Because he made money off of it. And he was so freaking smug about it when questioned. Ass bandit has a serious god complex. But he should be shot down like a rabid dog.

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