Counter Strike: Condition Zero Added to Steam's Linux Library



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Wait until we get 1.6!

At least Linux made my backlog smaller so I can finish the games on my library at the moment.



ROFL. Dream on. Developers supporting a million different kernel configs with a million different window managers and two million different libs? Just no. You think you'll see Linux listed under AAA games? Not for another few centuries, if that.



You underestimate the dedication and ability of FOSS communities.

Sure, there's quite a bit of diversity among the various Linux distributions, but the two most popular distributions right now - Ubuntu and Linux Mint - are similar enough to pose virtually zero difficulty in supporting both. Plus, even for the ones that *aren't* Debian-based (like Fedora, Slackware, and Arch), their respective communities have already done quite a bit of the legwork in getting Steam to run well on those distros.



Good good cant wate to drop windows from all my systems



I successfully installed Linux Mint 14 on the second hard drive in my laptop. I set the laptop to boot from the second hard drive, and the linux boot loader lets me choose between Vista (yeah, Vista) or Linux. The best part - the boot loader is on the second drive, so if I run into issues with Linux and can't recover, I just go into the BIOS, tell it to boot from the first hard drive, and Vista never knew what happened.

So far, everything is working under Linux, including Quicken 2008. Web, printing, documents, steam. Only iTunes gave me trouble.

I just ordered a second hard drive for my desktop (that is for the heavy gaming) and plan on doing the same thing there.

Linux is already powering two servers in the basement, and will be on 2 laptops and a desktop by the end of the month. That leaves 1 laptop and 1 desktop still strictly on Windows 7.

Wake up Microsoft. You're wasting time with that horrible Windows 8 UI and becoming more and more irrelevant. Windows Blue is irrelevant as far as I'm concerned.



Amen to that.

My laptop (a moderately-recent Dell) is the only machine of mine that's still running Windows *at all*, and that's a triple-boot with Ubuntu 12.04 and Mint 14. My gaming rig's running a Mint/Slackware dual-boot, and the rest of my machines are running Debian, Slackware, or some more obscure distros (like MineOS and - in one case - Softlanding).

Needless to say, my use of Windows at home is dwindling to hilariously low levels.



Why doesn't valve come out with the new Half Life running on a brand new engine that runs on linux to push a AAA title on the platform?


Peanut Fox

Half Life 3 wouldn't be able to live up to it's own hype anyway. The expectations for that game are insurmountable.

I'd be willing to settle for a new title from Valve on a regular basis.


Paper Jam

I just wish they would hurry up with the new Half-Life. Maybe make it a Steam box launch title. Maybe the Steam box will be Linux based to keep the price down.


Peanut Fox

Considering Gabe's opinions on Windows, and the cost I think any sort of device would use some form of Linux.



It was already confirmed that the Steam Box will run on Linux.

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