Could North Korean Computers Be A Sham?



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Its not difficult to build a computer. Definitely not for a nuclear power like north korea. So why all the doubt? Its not like they are claiming to have a semiconductor industry. Just that they assemble computers.



Every month or so, I'll flip through some news stories about North Korea.  It is amazing what they have been led to believe.  Communist children's story books translated into other languages and sold in North Korea to make the folks believe those books are read the world over.  One guy actually thought BMWs were made in North Korea and no where else.

I wonder how much of it they actually believe, vs what they believe because their life depends on it, vs what they believe because there is simply nothing else to believe in.

Any tech they have has been smuggled in or bought from China.  They don't even have reliable electricity or heating in the winter, let alone enough food to eat.  It is amazing how much they can suffer and not revolt.



In a world full of corruption these days... all we can do for now is to hope that they those innocent people in North Korea would one day be free. War might makes things worst, and even if we liberate North Korea, probably less than 1/8 of the population would survive (civilians).



Is that a real pic? It looks a like like Win 95. And a matching 1995 laptop.



Wait... is that North Korea's current 2011 tech!? Pffttt... lameee. I thought it was something out from Homefront... xD

Anyways... Linux is made by people from various democratic countries. Go make you own OS you friggin communist country!! :P Stop depending on foreign tech when you're brainwashing your people that countries like North America are evil lol.



this ^ lol


Zachary K.

"here is ubuntu v5.3, I mean red star 5.3! Runs on a fast pentium M .5 GHz! Latest tech, don't believe me? look it up! owait..."

I bet they could sell the north koreans a TI-89 and if Kimberly Jong said it was the latest laptop tech they would believe it.



Buy for the hell of it just to screw around and see what i can do with it...Even if my phone in more powerful then things like this...

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