Could Cyber-Crooks Guess Your Social Security Number?



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Nope. The only people that knwo my age on places like facebook are people I really know. e.g. friends and family.

To the random people I will round. Say I am 50, I'd say I am early 40's or late 40's. And that's if I even give them even a lie... most the time I don't bother answering the question. I am just too worried that if I give out too much information, some crazed freak will try to puzzle it together. I'm secretive in nature. It doesn't go well wiht girlfriends, I can tell you that much.


And on my social sites, I'm blocked to everyone. And I personally know everyone I allow to befriend me.



Guess it is a good thing that I never give out where I live or my year or day of birth. The month is the most I will give out.

I'm a secretive person... guess it pays off in the end. 



but do you tell them your age, or even a range.

 It only makes thing a tiny but harder when you say "Hi my name is RapeMyIdentiy, i'm a 21 year old male, born on june 32"

 all it would take is some simple math to count back from 21

you could be a bit cagy and say "I'm a teenager" or "20 something"

but again that still narrows the range

Not as easy as you thought eh?


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