Could 4G Success Force Sprint To Ditch Its Unlimited Data Plans?



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I think sprint's network is ALREADY stretched beyond capacity.



i currently have sprint and my speedtest went at 0.11mbps tops. my friend with verizon did the same and got 0.97mbps. when i am away from my wifi, it is a nightmare. i cant even view youtube videos in 240p without having to wait on the buffering.



Just ran a speed test on my sprint phone 305 / 223 on my samsung epic 4G phone with no 4G in my area, and a phone that won't work on their future 4G network that I've been paying an extra $10 a month for, for nearly two years.  Add my step daughters Evo to the mix and that's nearly $400 I've paid for a service I'm never going to get and I've never used.  That's enough for me, getting my phones from Verizon today and putting sprint behind me.  Their LTE is up and has been up in my area for a few months and everyone that I know that is on it, loves it.


I Jedi

I dropped Sprint two weeks ago when I began to see them closing down unlimited data in certain areas (hotspots). It wasn't just that I was seeing the shark surrounding its pray (unlimited data plans) for the final kill, it was also due to the network congestion and speeds I was receiving in my area. For years, Sprint promised our area network coverage for 4G speeds, and ultimately they said they couldn't do it until mid 2013. So now I'm done with Sprint and thinking about switching over to Verizon, which has their 4G LTE network up and running in my area already. It may not be unlimited, but at least in my area, I can actually use the service I pay for. I have no doubt in my mind that Sprint WILL get their 4G up in my area, but delays, slow speeds, and congestion of their network in my area has totally turned me off to the Sprint brand.



I hadn't looked at my bill in a while, I was surprised how little data I used. On a heavy month I hit a gig and I tether when I'm without wifi. Now I am actually thinking about switching to ATT to get a faster network and it's $5 less a month for a comparable plan with a 2 Gig limit. Unlimited is a nice selling point but few use it and Sprints network is slow as hell, I'd rather have less (within reason) but faster.

That and I am not excited to upgrade my Moment for the GSII that will be stuck on the wimax network which is unlikely to see any further development now that LTE is the plan



The problem with that thinking is the other side of the coin.  I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but data usage will only go up from here.  The counter argument to this article I think is that sprint has no choice but to offer unlimited data.  They are not competitive otherwise IMO.  Verizon and ATT would mop the floor with them if they stop.  It's kinda like Directv and Sunday Ticket.  I live in a FIOS area and I would save BIG bucks switching to FIOS TV, however, i'm a Saints fan not in Louisiana or anywhere in the southeast, so i'm stuck/slaved to them.  If Directv ever loses the sunday ticket or best case scenario every provider can offer it, then they are sunk nationally because of cheaper and better alternatives such as FIOS, local providers, or heck even just cable cutters in general with NFL web plan (if that ever happened).  The point is that Directv overall is a substandard provider that is bouyed by offering a true exclusive.  Sprint is the same way and they know it. 

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