Cost of Blu-ray Players to Drop to $50 in 2010



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 too little, too late.

Perhaps they shouldn't have spent all that investment money on an "Un-breakable" copy protection scheme.


"There's no time like the future."



Remember, this was a time when most DVD players were around $75. Now you can get a perfectly fine DVD player for $35, whereas the ones you might find for $20 are probably dodgy at best.

As for rentals, if the price of Blu-Ray players come down more people will buy them. If more people buy them there will be a greater desire for the discs. It's only a matter of time before they match DVDs in availability. I'm not saying DVDs are going away any time soon; but in time Blu-Ray will catch up.

Prices of high def TVs will also have to come down considerably for this to happen. No point in hooking up a Blu-Ray player to an SDTV.



Cheap Vs. Inexpensive

 I remember the CyberHome DVD players that ''WalMard'' **A popular french term of endearment for the chain of stores** Was selling for 20 to 30$... they were CHEAP!!! Most were dead before 6 months

So! if there quality players for sub 100$ great! i can retire my PS3 from blue-ray duty and have a dedicated player so some cam game and others can watch a movie!

If theyre crap, ppl will find out and wont buy them and blueray will die

the reason blue-ray didnt takeoff is that the ppl that have the money to buy it right out the gate dont have the eye sight left to apreciate the image quality



Meh. When the Red Box starts offering Bluray maybe I'll be interested. I generally don't buy movies.

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