Corsair's Vengeance K70 Mechanical Keyboard Features Key-by-Key Backlighting



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Personally, I prefer red backlighting. It's easier on my eyes. Again, this is personal preference. It's black with red backlighting, I'm sold. I've been waiting for a keyboard like this. Thank-you Corsair!



try the CM Storm trigger. its black with red. full mech keys in your choice of flavors 9im rocking brown) and is overall quite nice and only ~$99



Agreed, I've been using the CM Storm Trigger (brown) before it was officially launched.

Great keyboard, the only con I can think of is the wrist pad does not provide any support at all and I can't program the keys I want lit.



blue backlighting is nice. but i would like to see more keyboards use white backlighting--it's a classier color.



Textured keys are stupid. What if some people don't game on WASD? More and more people are finding that WASD is lacking key access and have moved over to ESDF.

I'm not too fond of exposed keys, I'm still old school and prefer the keys sunk-in and since the keys are exposed there's going to be too much back light bleed coming from behind the keys.

I just want the individual letter on the key lit, not the while frickin keyboard.

I'll wait and see till Roccat's mech keyboard is out.



I had a problem with the controls keys popping off they just wouldn't stay on and I am a light on the keys. I just put one of the keys I wasn't using on the control key problem fixed. I have since got a replacement keyboard. My point is you can put the keys anywhere you want and if you don't know the layout of a keyboard by now you shouldn't be using a computer to game with.



Just a note to add, individual back-lit keys (When truly individual) don't bleed across the keyboard.

Almost no keyboards you buy are individually lit, it costs too much. This is why they all glow like the sun, so no this wouldn't be blinding you.

So if the price doesn't deter you, and you want a black-lit keyboard with mechanical keys that won't blind you, then I think you would be an idiot to pass on this without at least looking at it in person.

unfortunately for me the price point is a bit too high for my tastes.



What I mean by back-light bleed is that the keys are exposed. They are not "sunk-into" the keyboard like traditional keyboards, therefore the light is shining out from behind the key as well as lighting up the key.

Individually lit keyboards are not new and do justify this price. I'm currently using the CM Storm Trigger (brown, $99 on Newegg) and it has individually lit keys.

There are also Ducky and Filco mech keyboards which are also individually lit, so no, this is not new at all.

Corsair overcharging for their mediocre products as usual.


Dorito Bandit

Corsair also has the Vengeance K95 Fully-Mechanical Keyboard coming soon. I've been waiting on this one, myself. Youtube has videos of it, and it looks like a well made keyboard.

There are actually a few mechanical keyboards to be released soon from several of the more well-known manufacturers. I've never owned a mechanical keyboard, but have been very interested in them. I do pretty good in gaming with my regular IBM keyboard and really can't see one of these pricier keyboards making that much of a difference. However, I'd be willing to give one a try. :) The backlighting would be a big plus, as I like to game mostly at night with the lights off.

Maybe we can get a good review from MaximumPC, soon, on all the newest gaming keyboards. There are some sweet looking ones coming.



I hope they don't have the same problems as they did when the k60 came out. Form the lettering coming off the keys to keys not staying on. I had to send 2 back for the lettering and key issues and when I got the new one back the L key didn't work so back it went. Corsair was quite good about replacing them their customer service is the best in the business. By the way according to them the 900D will be out in April as well. Can't wait to get my hands on that bad ass case Before I forget I see they took the advice and gave us a full wrist pad as well. Good job Corsair

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