Corsair's Quad Channel DDR3 Kit is 32GB of DRAM Ecstasy



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Hell I could edit 100 RAW 18 MP images and still only use < 8 GB.  Raise your hand if you're editing dozens of 100 MP billboard sized images at home.  The RAM race is just for geeks to have a bigger epeen and pretend they're doing super important work.  "Oh god I need to have 3000 tabs open and play Crysis and Far Cry 2 and GTA IV and Battlefield 3 while watching 400 HD videos....I NEED 100 TB of RAM!!!!"


h e x e n

32 gb for gaming is ridiculous. No game even remotely comes close to utilizing that much RAM. No game, that I know of anyway, will scale to even 8 gb sets. Total and utter overkill at present.

8gb is the sweet spot for gamers. Anything over that and you better be doing video or high res photo editing.




This is more for people editing HD video than playing games.


Peanut Fox

I'm surprised no noe is saying anything about the thoursand dollar price tag attached to these things.



At what point do you start to need error correction?



This would be good for running a bunch of VMs



Why would you buy a 32gb kit for gaming???

Im an enthusiast myself but, there's no way you can take advantage of 32bg to play a game.

Futureproof maybe??



Of course, despite the below mocking comments, I can envision some people running production systems requiring this much RAM (for instance, video editing and professional 3D rendering). However, I find it strange that the kit is targeting enthusiasts, because then it really IS useless; most professional PCs use server boards and already have 16+ GB of RAM. The only 'new feature' is the quad-channel.



Workstations dont always use server boards. Theres no need for always on reliability for a hi end content creation machine. That includes the PSU, RAM and hard drives. If people want enterprise level hard ware they will be using a Xeon with reg ram and all that.

Lots of people are using those kinds of computers in their homes now days. The really stupid ones buy a Mac Pro. The people who are not retarded might look at something like this since SB-E will only have 4 DIMS. That said this still wont sell very well @ 1k$ and most only exist for bragging rights to the maker.

Lets just hope that the new SB-E does a little better than the inital results. Moreover, i hope theres a chance that a mobo maker can make a board with 8 DIMS. But i think that would be very hard to fit 8 on a standard ATX mobo. Not without making sacrifices.



More like... "FoolProof".

There are guys out there who got money to spend; their or their parents' money. Also there are guys who normally don't have the abilities to spend much, but they do 'cause it's their extreme hobby ( sickness ).


Normal System: 4GBs RAM & 1GB Video Memory will work fine.

Ideal System: 8GBs RAM & 1-2GBs Video Memory is just perfect ( that's me ).

Hyperbolic System: 16GBs RAM & more than 2< GB Video Memory ( For extreme situations, 3 Monitors etc  )


With 32GB RAM...You just inherit a stamp of <...> -feel free to fill a word.



yes ied really like to see you edit HD video on a 6-core system with 4 or even 8 gigs of ram. Sorry, but 16GB is average stweet spot for a 6 core SB-E. 32 is just the upper end but not unreasonable. Ied much rather have 32 as it would be faster but ill settle for 16. Its not like SB-E is going to get you more FPS in games right now any way unless your rolling with 3 or more GPUs. So you would have to be stupid to buy into this proc just for gaming in the first place.


Sorry, but pure games need not apply here.



Agreed, I've seen plenty of people doing more of their production and touch up work at home. For that type of application 16GB could very well be a sweet spot with 32GB becoming an enthusiast level and 8 being minimum.

Still, the snobby professionals can only see a Mac capable of such.




that said - comment is well said  I love tech, I love adding ram, but have yet to see my ram utilitzation peg the 8 gigs in my current system

bit tall though

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