Corsair's Internal Benchmarks: Why 6GB is Better than 3GB



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Keith E. Whisman

BULLSHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and you can quote me on that...


50% increase in performance using 6gigs over 3gigs? Bullshit. You want to sell ram, that want to sell lots and lots of ram because they are hurting. This is bullshit all out bullshit to get people to buy lots and lots of ram.


I'm not going to argue that you won't see a perfomance boost as you will and God why wouldn't you use as much ram as you can possibly get? I just don't fucking believe in those BULLSHIT performance numbers. Anyone that payed hundreds of dollars just to have 640k of ram back in the day rembers how for many years ram cost more than it's wieght in gold.


Now with ram so cheap people like me look at having gobs and gobs of ram as a luxery that I dreampt about when I was younger.


Now the memory makers are going broke. They are resorting to lying to us. Corsair I love you. You don't have to lie to me. I will still be happy to buy your ram. Just don't lie about those performance numbers because they are BULLSHIT and I know it.  


Perhaps what they neglected to point out is that they were running prime95, a virus scan and a defrag at the same time while benchmarking the 3gig machines. The 6gig machines were benchmarked with nothing running in the back ground. That's the only way I can think of a game seeing a 50% improvement in performance from 3 extra gigs of ram. 



hey mpc, wanna do some of your own benchmarks? I'd be very interested in getting a second opinion from an unbiased source.



This is a groundbreaking study. You mean the more RAM is better than less RAM? That's crazy. And I'm sure that Consair's completely unbiased. They're only one of the biggest RAM makers out there, and the economic crysis isn't affecting them at all.

*cough, sarcasm, cough, cough*


The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.



I thought I remember reading Vista ultimate can handle a lot more ram than that, but I can't find the article now maybe I was mistaken. Anyway I just picked up a 4 gig kit from Corsair. I have to say i didnt think it would make as much of a difference as it did. Anyone want to buy a 2 gig Patriot kit? Dirt cheap...



32 bit can only go up to 3 GB, but a 64 bit OS can go WAY higher.  I don't remember the exact number but it's in the hundreds of tera-bites...maybe higher...peta-bites?  of coarse that's the "mathematical" limit.  It all depends on how the OS is programed.



actually Vista 32bit can only "see" between 3-3.5gb. Even if you have 4gb installed. 64bit can run up to 16gb.



not really a surprise, people should go study up on virtual memory.


the more physical memory  you have the less the machine has to access your hard drive.



"Major RAM manufacturer and retailer says you should buy more memory!"

They have to be totally unbiased in their testing, I'm sure.  I know I'm convinced.  RAM manufacturers have to know best about how much RAM I need, and they would never do anything that looked empirical but was just another way to boost memory sales. In fact, I'm going to go out and buy 6GB of DDR3 right now,  and I don't even have DDR3 compatible system!  I figure I should be prepared, you know, because those RAM prices probably aren't going down for a while. </sarcasm>



LOL, my thoughts exactly. Although it would be interesting to see the 3GB setup with a SSD or atleast the Velociraptor in RAID. If they wanna throw the 'enthusiast' word out there then be true to the word. Not to mention this benchmark is pointless since any true enthusiast will get 6GB+ ANYWAYS. We're well aware of the benefits, thanks.


whiskey In Ur Liver

What OS are these bench marks on? For example, if I have Vista 32, will i see these benefits, or do I have to go 64 bit on this?



You can find the OS used for these benchmarks on page 2, under "Test Platform" within the analysis report. It is likely that you would have to upgrade to 64-bit since 32-bit can only address 4GB of total memory so you wouldn't get any benefit from anything beyond that.



Not "Likely," But required.

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