Corsair Wants to Replace Your Puny SSD with 180GB and 480GB SATA 6Gbps SSDs



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Agreed with aetaaas, you gotta pay to play.
That said I'm still using a Q6600 3.6GHz and Radeon 4850 with 3 x 1TB Hard drives, I don't need to upgrade yet but boy when I do I'm going to have a field day.



Unlike HDDs price for SSD is not coming down, in fact it seems like it's going up (probably due to new tech) :( 

I got my 120GB (and btw it was the best upgrade I did) SSD almost a year ago for under $200. I hoped by now they'd drop down to a more reasonable price...



Where did u get ur price for 180GB at $250?  On newegg the corsair force gt 180GB is $360.  I think it might be a typo, cuz that would be an extremely good deal.  



I didn,t buy extra hard drives untill the price came down, the same goes for ram and usb sticks. I won,t be buying any ssds untill their prices come down substantualy.



I own 2 SSD drives.  A 60 GB SATA 2 OCZ and a 120 GB SATA3 6 gbps Both are great and I paid only 300 bucks pretty much a few days after each one came out.  The SATA 3 drive pumps out close to 500mbps and I am very happy with my under 20 sec Windows 7 boot to full use system.  I have no need for a 480 gb boot drive.  Games do not need to be stored on that drive, nor any other programs.  That is Windows ONLY  Keep it clean, keep it fast.



This philosophy makes no sense to me. I reboot my machine maybe once or twice a month, if that. Who cares how fast it boots? I usually spend multiple hours each day running applications in Windows. Why on earth wouldn't I want my applications to load data as fast as possible? Loading times of saved games and new levels by themselves are worth installing any application you are actively using on a day-to-day basis on an SSD.



dont know if i'm being naive, SSDs are technically RAM; without mechanical parts shouldn't the price be cheaper than HDDs.... i mean in terms of manufacturing...

price of chips vs mechanical process manufacturing???

that being siad, RAM should only cost a few cents, isnt it???



SSDs are not like RAM in any way, RAM uses volatile capacitors to store data, Thus requiring power to keep data. SSDs use non-volatile memory to store data, and they don't require power to keep data.



While the price is still terribly high, this is at least a step in the right direction.  Have there been any other SSDs with this kind of performance even remotely below $1k, let alone $800?



Considering I just bought a 1TB SATA for 134$  why would I pay 1000$ for 480 gigs? They need to drop way in price before I'll change.



not in the statosphere- 800 big ones and still under 500 gig?  lol



Until the price per GB drops under $1 they won't be becoming mainstream, no matter what Corsair wants.



Why do people keep banging on about this 1-1 ratio? Magnetic drives used to be hundreds of dollars for just a few gigs. When USB sticks first came out, you paid through the nose for 32 MEGAbytes - MEGA! Optical storage was a similar story.

Fact is; the price will come down. But for now, you gotta pay to play. If you aren't interested, leave us enthusiats be, in our Hexa-core driven SSD utopia with SLI dreams and Crossfire fantasies. ^-^



And thats y I will be paying though I'm still a cheap ass

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