Corsair Teases 32GB Memory Possibilities with New 8GB DDR3 Modules



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64gb ddr3 here I come.



Personally I'm the kind of guy who closes everything when I'm done. Generally I've got IE9 running with a couple of tabs opened inside.  When i'm not using a program I close it down. I guess i'm just patient enough to close and restart programs often. And that's a big price! RAM is where I cut cost I guess Lol. Still cool though.



I have 12 Gb in my present rig and I have never been able to use it all, even when loading all three screens with many applications I have not been able to use more than 8 Gb. My imediate thought is what would we ever do with it but.... then I remember back in the early 80's thinking, What will I ever need 640Kb for :-) So live and lean. The positive side is that if we ever do need it we will be doing some amazing things.



Hardly amazing things. I bet we'll be using our monster 8 core 32GB RAM rigs to browse the web and check email just like we do today.

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