Corsair Strikes DDR3 Memory with a "Cerulean Blue Vengeance"



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Look CLOSELY at the picture of the memory module. See that little side mounted bump and hole? That is the ONLY THING HOLDING THE MODULE TOGETHER! Well, the black corsair label on top too. There is tape that sticks the metal to the memory chips but that is easily popped off. So you go to insert the module and push down on the top to firmly seat it. The buttons pop out, the memory module disloges from the two tiny tabs on the sheet metal and the tape is peeled off the memory chips. TADA! Instant memory overheating issues! Just how do I know this? Happened to me of course. 

The solution? Two screws to hold the module together would work. Meantime, I had to DRILL the damn module sides so I could mount some screws to hold them together. Kludge for a CHEAP solution by name brand Corsair!

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