Corsair Shutters IPO, Launches New Force Series 3 SSD Upgrade Kit



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Had a great experience with Corsair support/customer service today. Glad to see they have sufficient capital to choose their growth path.



My first SSD was a Patriot Torq and is solid. My Corsair Force 3 and all of my memory modules (24 gigs of dominator ddr3 ) ( 12 gigs of the older dominator ) and ( 12 gigs of slim profile ram ) (8 gigs of laptop memory ) and 2 power supplies. All solid products in the memory game and have pretty decent power supplies with the TX line. Corsair is top notch in my book not cheap but worth the premium.



Just another reason why I keep throwing my money at this company. Exceptional build quality, remarkable performance and now convenience. Keep it coming Corsair!



This is the BEST thing that could have happened to Corsair Customers.

Corsair has been on a real roll the last few years. Very high quality, useful products and very good tech support. Anything in my latest machine that was available from Corsair is Corsair, from the PS to the RAM to even the Speakers.

Once a company goes public, everything for the consumer goes to TOTAL shit. It's no longer about great products and service. It's about shareholders. It never bodes well for the customer.

Hopefully they will forget about this idea permanently.



Hear, hear! I would love for some companies to go back to being private. Being held hostage by the shareholders is totally against prudent business practices. I would love to see HP go private, never happen but it would completely restore the "HP Way" that I was fortunate enough to see in action for years.



i don't think we can call a ssd a hard drive. hey maybe good new things seem to be dropping to under $1 gb on ssd. i am starting to see more sales that hit below $1 gb.

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