Corsair Rolls Out The Quiet 8GB SE Arctic White Vengeance Low Profile Memory



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Wait, assuming the chips are the same quality, isn't 1333Mhz running at 7-7-7-24 more efficient and thus slightly faster than 1600 running at 9-9-9-24?



Response time will be slightly better, but bandwidth will be less.



Right, but what I'm saying though is wouldn't it be counterproductive to give 1600MHz RAM such high latency? I already know it would be slightly slower than 1600MHz stick with a CAS 8 timing; would it even offer any advantage at all over 1333MHz running CAS 7 was more or less the question I was trying to pose.
Memory is the one part of the PC that I still don't understand as well as I should. :(



I'm a fanboy of Kingston and their HyperX lineup, but this makes me want to try Corsair.  I currently have 8GB (4x2GB) of Kingston HyperX DDR3-1600 on my EVGA P55-SLI motherboard.  However; I like this color scheme, and the specs are exactly the same.  Could let me max out the motherboard for a hair less than 16GB of HyperX 1600...



these might be good for htpc builds. people who want to make small compact rigs instead of big tower like. Sure the memory is overkill but what fun would be using hardware at 'recommend settings'



I like the color of these sticks


Holly Golightly

Wow, very cool. Now if you just have each RAM stick in 8GB, that would be very cool. I want all 4 slots of my motherboard to be filled with 8GB low profile RAM. That is a total of 32GB I know will be future-proof. Corsair has always been the very best.



I like the idea of low profile memory. I only wish you could get the high performance RAM in low profile. The standard height of RAM these days with their heat sinks makes it interesting to make an air cooled PC.

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