Corsair Rebuilds a Pair of Classics, Launches H100i and H80i Liquid CPU Coolers



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I had the h60 for a while, but i just couldn't stand the fan noise between running my FX 6100 at4.6 ghz and my overclocked gtx 560. I ended up bitting the bullet and going with $390 worth of parts from swiftech. They have the water pump integrated into the cpu block and the radiators can come with the resevoir built into it. Lot more plug in play now. Maybe thanks to the improvements though, the h100 might actually live up to a custom 120x240 system.


Bullwinkle J Moose

Has anyone ever tested various cooling setups to see which one can keep an Intel CPU in Turbo mode the longest while under load without overclocking the CPU?

I asked this when Sandy came out a few years back and got no response from anyone at any site

Doesn't anyone test the perceived benefits of turbo mode?

I thought it might be nice running a chip all day in turbo mode on a system board that has problems overclocking

...and no voided warranty



Unless your processor is overheating due to no air flow in your case your new Ivy Bridge and Sandy Bridge processors is always going to run in turbo mode even with the stock cooler.

When people give overclocking numbers its always the turbo mode number because that's where the processor will stay most of the time.

Even when I haven't overclocked my Sandy Bridge and Ivy bridge processors and they were on stock air cooling they always ran in turbo mode while in fact I'm not quite sure why they even list non-turbo speed anymore.


Bullwinkle J Moose





Yes, but will it fit into the midsize menace you guys built a couple months ago? ;)



Can't wait for the benchmarks on these.



They are likely both still exceptionally good coolers, however NZXT's new "all in one" options that use radiator(s) with 140mm and 280mm grilles make me atleast very curious about their comparative performance...



Lemme get this straight... The H100 is a 240x120 and the H80 is a double thick 120x120... and the H100 is twenty bucks more. Unless my geometry is off, they have the same radiator space. Or does the fact that the H100 has more surface area on a single plane make it greatly more efficient at thermal dissapation?



They say the h80i is a double thick radiator, whereas the h100i is not stated as such. Sounds like you would have similar surface area, but much less total cooling capacity on a double thick, as you need to force more air through it.



In short, Chrono is right, the surface area does make a much more efficient cooling device.

I acctually view the H80 as the adopted child, I wouldn't get it I would either get the H60 or the H100 if you had the room. They are both great coolers for the price IMO.



by having a 240 rad you can fit 4 fans onto the rad, which means better cooling. And even if you only use 2 fans, there's still double the surface area exposed to the outside environment.

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